More reactions to Casket Girls!

Just back from a wonderful weekend walking along the Fife coast.

There’s been some more feedback on my novel! One reader, T M-R, had this to say:

‘So readable, so evocative of what conditions must have been like in Louisiana in the early 18th century (at least I imagine so!) and such a realistic cast of characters with whom I felt able to connect…or not, according to taste…I hope you will in due course satisfy our curiosity as to what the future held for Sidonie and Jean.

Another reader, NK, commented:

‘Congratulations on a wonderful book. All the great themes in your foreword come through loud and clear, in a narrative which gripped me and through characters I really got to care about. I loved the grounding in historical fact (all new to me) and the wonderful local colour.’

It means so much that readers actually care about the fate of my characters! I’ve started doing some preparatory research for a sequel…have just received a volume of Louisiana history, so will do some digging. Another bit of news is that, along with Charles Crow, my good friend and co-editor of our Southern Gothic essay collection which came out last year, I’ve signed another contract to edit a collection of Southern Gothic short stories with Anthem Press. So it’s shaping up as a VERY busy year, to say the least!

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