London launch!

Good evening all! The London launch was fantastic…heartfelt thanks to my publisher Sarah Miles, and to Paddy and all the staff at Libreria Bookshop, where it took place last night. It ‘s a beautiful space, and it was brilliant to see so many friends there…lovely Bernie Howley came all the way from Wales! As with the Tunbridge Wells launch, I felt so upheld by the love of family and friends, who came from near (lovely London friends) and far (Norwich, Lincoln, etc), former PhD students, academic colleagues, and others. My SO greeted guests, served drinks, and was a brilliant host; it meant so much to have him at my side. Sarah once again led the discussion and introduced the readings with her habitual elegance and grace. I could not ask for a better publisher.

The one thing I stupidly failed to do, however, was to ask someone to take photographs! I’ve asked several people if they took any, and will post them here if any should appear.

For those of you who have received your orders: please let us know what you think! I do believe wholeheartedly in the power of word of mouth. Some orders went out today to Yorkshire, Luxembourg, and down the road in Sussex. Many thanks for your support! I am so very blessed with the love of friends.

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