Casket Girls: Let The Good Times Roll!

Hello dear friends!
I’ve been gearing up for tomorrow’s Tunbridge Wells launch of Casket Girls. Today I went over to sign the copies that had come in for pre-order, and they will be posted soon!
By now, some of you will have received the Amazon orders. I have a BIG favour to ask. I do believe in word of mouth! So, if those of you who have received it don’t think it is completely cr–p, I would be hugely grateful if you could post a review on Amazon or share your opinion on social media. Comments needn’t be long: just ‘liked it’ or ‘thought it was okay’ will push it up the rankings. And even if you think it IS c–p, it’s okay to say so: that too will count and make it more visible!
I am, needless to say, in a state of gelatinous terror: I am always convinced that no one will come! If you are coming to the TW launch, do allow time for parking…not great for St. John’s Yard, but what can you do.
And now, as we say in Louisiana: Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!! Let the Good Times Roll.  Please send good vibes.  
love, Susan x
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