Good morning! It looks as though the first copies of Casket Girls will arrive from the printer tomorrow! the printer says the books are being boxed and palletised (whatever that is), so if the pallet company doesn’t let us down, they’ll arrive tomorrow. I’ve been preparing padded envelopes so that the orders can go out quickly!

I am really excited, and mildly terrified, about the impending launches (at 6:30 on 17 April, a week from today, in Tunbridge Wells at St. John’s Yard, and at 7 pm on 24 April at Libreria Bookshop in …fingers crossed that friends will actually turn up! Please send good vibes, dear friends…it would be so lovely to see you there.

I’ve been painting up a storm. Here’s an image of a recent watercolour, inspired by a photograph of Venice.



and enjoying the bluebells that surround my home:



Take care, and have a good week!


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